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Is it worth it to do a DIY iPhone repair instead of having it professionally done? This article will examine the costs and the benefits of the two.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to decide between doing a repair yourself or have it done professionally by an iPhone repair business. We all know that going with the DIY route is seemingly cheaper.  At least, it appears that way in theory. Of course, once everythingRead More

Why Repairing your iPhone is Always worth the Money

Posted by Xpress on July 25, 2010
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Many people question if it’s worth the money to repair a damaged iPhone, so I am here to clear up any misunderstandings that people have when it comes to the value of iPhone repairs.  The truth is that it is always wise to repair a broken iPhone, even if you are going to trade it in on a 4th Generation model. First, some basic facts about how much an iPhone really costs. As many readersRead More
Each year, iPhone repair company XpressFix.com sifts through the various updates offered in the ever-growing supply of iPhone apps.  XpressFix examines updates to popular apps already on the market, and they even review some new-comers. Good apps can change how we use the internet, how we communicate with one another, and how we shop for goods and services.  Bad applications waste our time waste our money and can cause our devices to operate poorly orRead More

iPhone 4 Released!

Posted by Xpress on June 26, 2010
The iPhone 4 is now out in the market and people have been buying it like crazy! This is said to be the most popular iPhone that Apple has released. Like any other iPhone…it’s fragile. The backing that used to be plastic is now glass, just as the front is glass. As much as they say it will not break if dropped…it will, and already has to a few unfortunate customers. Luckily, XpressFix.com has your back! We haveRead More

XpressFix.com going LIVE!

Posted by Xpress on June 25, 2010
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Hi, thank you for visiting the XpressFix.com blog! We have currently announced that XpressFix.com will be going LIVE this coming Monday, 6/28/2010! The website is innovative and functions like no other website that is part of the iPhone/iPod repair business. Our developers here at XpressFix.com have created an easy-to-use diagnosis tool that will allow YOU to simply select a symptom, instead of searching for the particular part that needs to be repaired. We thought “Hey, notRead More

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