Loca Repairs Are Not OEM Quality Repairs

Heard of Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive, otherwise known as LOCA when your new iPhone 6 plus falls down and breaks the screen from the tenant at your local repair shop?

LOCA is not the way the OEM manufacturers of the Apple iPhone and Samsung screens fuse the glass to the LCD and digitizer unit known as “bonding” to most repair shops.

Instead, Apple’s Foxconn factory and Samsung use a process called rigid to rigid bonding. You see back in the day companies manufacturing touch screens would leave a space between the glass and LCD and the touch functionality would be on the glass itself. After they realized that this was no optimal for viewing by giving consumers the double paned window effect, the manufacturer’s realized that adding a conductive flexible layer to fuse or “bond” the two surfaces would remove the double pane viewing effect and transmit capacitative touch through the glass to the touch function on the LCD should they choose to put it there.

What manufacturers came up with for the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as other manufacturers for many touch screen models was a product called Optical Clear Adhesive or OCA. 3M manufacturers a variety of this product and China has it’s own versions. It is essentially double sided tape. The bonding process is much different than that of curing a LOCA bonded screen under UV light.

LOCA is a problem for your phone because most repair shops are not curing the UV liquid or LOCA all the way and this leaves room for some seepage of residual liquid to short out the logic board of the phone much like water damage does when your smartphone submerges in water.

Another problem from LOCA is that many times, especially in instances where there are backlit buttons phone, is that it can get into your home buttons and dim or ruin the ribbon cable circuitry responsible for transmitting the light.

I have also seen many repair shops using the LOCA method and they completely ruin the digitizer or touch function on their beloved Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6.

We at XpressFix use the same methods the manufacturers do to make sure your phone is going to remain in OEM condition just like it fuctions when it comes out of the box. So don’t go to companies that use this method for Samsung and iPhone repair. Use XpressFix, we invest in the machinery and methods to make sure your phone’s screen is repaired correctly the first time.

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