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GoPro In My Life

I love repairing phones because there seems to be a lot of mystery in the inner workings of modern electronics. The first time I saw a digitizer touch screen function I was mesmerized. A few years after the first digitizer touchscreen became available on the Apple iPhone, I jumped into skydiving as a hobby. I mean I became obsessed; jumping from airplanes every weekend and a couple days a week. It was hard to get a good camera back then for filming these jumps at a reasonable price. Although the original GoPro camera launched in 2004, it really did not gain traction in the skydiving community until late 2008-2009 as a good substitute to the 600 dollar Sony CX series cameras plus more for a retrofitted skydive helmet (and those weren’t cheap either). Now that these little “engines that could” have a solid ground in skydive, surf, wake, and all extreme sports (starting at $250-$300), I have become fascinated with their repair process and prices in the event that they become damaged from a bad fall or water damaged from bad housing.

Just how repairable is the GoPro Hero 3 – The latest GoPro on the market???

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