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The fast pace of life these days doesn’t allow everyone the luxury of visiting stores just to get their electronic devices repaired. We have the solution to this right here at XpressFix, it’s called ‘On Site Repair’. Forget your worry about making it all the way to the repair shop and wasting time hanging around for an appointment, because XpressFix is just a call away! Give us a call and we will arrive with our mobile repair shop right at your door step to completely overhaul your electronic device.

We provide the highest quality repair service, our mobile units are equipped with the exact same latest technology that is available at the XpressFix stores. From overhauling the software to changing your device’s screen, the mobile units carry all the required stock of high quality parts that is needed for the job.

All you need is to call us at (1-888-893-5218) and our expert technicians will be right at your door step to turn that frown up-side down! What this essentially means is that you no longer have to spend your valuable time getting your electronic devices repaired. Instead XpressFix now comes to you at absolutely no cost! With our mobile repair service you can get your device fixed right at your home, work or business!

We bet the experience of getting repairs done couldn’t get any better than this. If what you’re looking for isn’t here, we are just a Call away. 1-888-893-5218




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  • “I have used XpressFix for both personal repairs and for my company's repairs, they have exceeded my expectations across the board. I never write any reviews, but their prompt and quality of service has really encouraged me to share with others. Great job and thank you!” .
    Nick Dyroff client Nick Dyroff, Orlando, FL
  • “Great service and very reasonable price! They fixed my Samsung 4s phone in 30 minutes and saved me hundreds of dollars if I had to replace my phone. The phone wouldn't charge due to broken charge connection in the phone. They have earned my business, so glad I found them.”
    Joanne Wellborn Jolin client Joanne Wellborn Jolin, Orlando, FL
  • “Awesome customer service and can fix anything!”—
    Alison Tillman Client Alison Tillman, Orlando, FL

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If what you’re looking for isn’t here, we are just a Call away. 1-888-893-5218

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